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Philmar Alipayo: Lilo, Koa & Kanoa's Surfing Lessons W/ Their Dad (Video)

Philmar Alipayo: Lilo, Koa & Kanoa’s Surfing Lessons W/ Their Dad

Lilo, Koa & Kanoa Takes Professional Surfing Lessons From Their Dad Philmar Alipayo

PHILMAR ALIPAYO – Little happy islanders Lilo Alipayo, Koa Alipayo, and Kanoa Alipayo are taking professional surfing lessons with dad Philmar Alipayo.

Philmar Alipayo, Andi Eigenmann’s fiancé, is one of the top surfers in the Philippines. He was even named the first Filipino surfing champion.

Andi has a daughter named Ellie Ejercito with her former partner Jake Ejercito. Together with Alipayo, she also has a son named Koa and a daughter named Lilo.

Photo Source: @chepoxz IG

Andi Eigenmann revealed that she had sold everything before moving in with Philmar Alipayo in Siargao. Many netizens praised Andi for deciding to live a simpler life on the beautiful island with the surfer and their children. They document their island lifestyle on their YouTube channel Happy Islanders.

The celebrity couple recently posted a video on their YouTube channel showing a glimpse of what happened during Lilo, Koa, and Kanoa’s surfing lessons with their father. They titled it “The kids start surfing lessons with Papa!”

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Photo Source: Youtube

Who better than Philmar Alipayo, to teach them the fundamentals of surfing? Given his numerous accolades under his belt, it is only right that he oversees all of his children’s surfing training and helps them develop into pros.

Little Kanoa, Philmar’s oldest child, can be seen in the video paddling idly through the waves and riding them with ease. He and Philmar even went to a professional surfing spot to hone their surfing skills

Lilo, on the other hand, appeared to be a pro while riding the baby waves her dad is catching for her. She stands gracefully on the board and even uses her tiny little arms to paddle through the waves. In order to prevent self-injury, her father also taught her the fundamentals.

Initially swimming beside her mother Andi with his flotation devices, Koa now tries his hand at surfing. The fearless youngster surfed to the fullest of his abilities.

See their entire surfing journey down below:

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