Andi Eigenmann Daughter Lilo Surfing With Father Captures Hearts

Here’s a video of Lilo, daughter of Andi Eigenmann, surfing in waves with her surfing champ father.

ANDI EIGENMANN – The Happy Islanders Andi Eigenmann captures her daughter Lilo and her surfing champ father Philmar Alipayo surf in small waves.

Admired and loved is the simple but happy life now of Andi Eigenmann with her family. She and her future husband Philmar Alipayo with their children are staying in Siargao living the beach life people would also like to live one day. Andi has a child with Jake Ejercito and they are co-parenting for her while she had two children with Alipayo – Lilo and Koa.

They are “The Happy Islanders” on YouTube where they share daily lives and activities. And just recently, in their recent upload, Andi captured and recorded a moment of her toddler bravely facing the little waves of the sea. Surfing with her pro father, many hearts were caught seeing Lilo enjoying these baby waves under the sun. She looked so tiny on the board but a big smile is plastered on her face.

Assisting her above the board is her surfing champ father who makes her stand up as they go along with every splash and teaching her how it’s done to meet them. What has also amazed the people is how well-behaved she is while on the board and just taking her time enjoying the ride.

Watch the full vlog below:

And here are some comments from the netizens:

Lilo’s so calm when she’s surfing with her dad. It’s not surprising anymore if she would be a surfer when she grow up.

One day Lilo will become a famous surfer like her Papa

I won’t be surprised if Lilo grows up to be a good surfer like her dad.

Lilo is so lucky to have a surfer champion Dad

Lilo is a brave and cheerful baby girl.


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