Liza Soberano Feels Ogie Diaz Is Trying To Tarnish Her Name

In an interview, Liza Soberano reveals what she feels about the statements of her former manager.

LIZA SOBERANO – Former Kapamilya artist Liza Soberano confesses feeling hurt by what her former manager Ogie Diaz has been saying about her.

It all started with the controversial video Liza Soberano dropped to explain and justify her decision to undergo a rebranding. The vlog is called “This Is Me” and her claims in this vlog were answered by Ogie Diaz.

Diaz answered her claims about not having a say. She said that she was caged and not given freedom all those years but Diaz clarified that she has a say and she was even asked what she thinks.

Her former manager also clarified the issue that was ignited after claiming that she did not choose her screen name for her. He wished her nothing but the best in her chosen career path when she left his management and did not say anything negative about her.

Liza Soberano
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But to Liza, what Ogie was doing now made her feel like he was tarnishing her name. In the second part of her interview with Boy Abunda, he expressed her pain when Ogie claimed that he did not collect commission from her in the past two years.

It made her like he wanted her to appear unprofitable in the last two years that they were still working.

“It actually hurts me that he’s making up those lies about me. I feel like he’s trying to make it seem like I wasn’t profitable in the past two years we were working together when he knows the truth,” she said.

“He knows my pains, he knows the things that I felt, the things were mishandled so it’s kind of unfair — I feel like he’s trying to tarnish my name,” she continued. She added that he actually still gets his share from the endorsements she made that fell under the time she was still under their contract.

Last month, they accordingly issued a paycheck to him from an endorsement that was renewed before their contract expired.

“And kahit wala na siyang ginagawa for that, we gave him his commission because that’s what’s right. I wouldn’t breach my contract,” she expressed and this week, he is accordingly bound to get another one.

She believed that they ended well but she wonders why he is trying “to say things to make people turn against her”.

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