Kemberly Achas Case: Raffy Tulfo Program Unravels Story

Raffy Tulfo’s program interviews the brother of Kemberly Achas. Here’s the video.

KEMBERLY ACHAS CASE – Immensely condemned online is the case of Kemberly Achas whose death caused by her partner was recorded.

In a previous article, the incident that happened at Purok 9, Poblacion Sur, Don Carlos, Bukidnon, inside the residence of Bobong Jamisula was caught on CCTV. The recording showed the heartbreaking end of a 22-year-old woman named Kemberly Achas.

Based on reports, Achas and her partner Edson Jamisola have a heated argument that turned bloody. Achas was stabbed to death and even before she held her final breath, she went through unimaginable pain.

She was physically abused and suffered painful jabs. Her thin body was stabbed several times and all of these gruesome scenes happened in front of their baby who was crying in a corner from a fall.

Kemberly Achas Case

The program Raffy Tulfo In Action interviewed the brother of the victim who confessed that he did not know about Edson being dependent on illegal substances until March 11.

During that day, the couple was not alone in the house. The family of Jamisola was there but was too late to rescue the woman. There was a CCTV recording because Jamisola’s family owns a small eatery business.

According to an official interviewed, they were able to enter the residence through the second floor as the door where the crime happened was locked. The suspect tried to escape but was not successful.

Regarding the suspect’s photo wearing a helmet, it was accordingly put on his head for his protection as he was bumping his head on the hard wall, inflicting pain on himself. As of now, Edson is not decent enough yet to answer when he is being asked questions and has not eaten yet. Since his capture, he has also not gotten sleep yet.

Watch the video below:


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