Woman Died after Beaten and Stabbed by Live-in Partner in Bukidnon

Young Woman in Bukidnon Died after Live-in Partner Stabbed her with Broken Glass

A young woman died after being beaten and stabbed by his live-in partner with broken glass 16 times in Bukidnon.

The incident occurred at Purok 9, Poblacion Sur, Don Carlos, Bukidnon, inside the house of Bobong Jamisula. The victim was identified as Kemberly Achas, 22, a 3rd-year college student and a resident of the aforementioned location, while the suspect was identified as Elson Erap Jamisula, 27, a jobless, the victim’s live-in partner and a resident of the same location.

The two had a heated dispute, according to the report, which led to the terrible incident. The man picked up their nine-month-old infant and placed her on the sofa in the middle of the quarrel, based on the CCTV footage.

Woman Stabbed in Bukidnon

The baby eventually tumbled to the floor, but the suspect didn’t seem to mind, pulling, dragging, punching, and throwing a chair at Achas. The suspect stabbed the victim with broken glass, striking various regions of the victim’s body.

The 22-year-old victim died as a result of 16 stab wounds to the neck. The deceased was then transferred to Don Carlos Doctor’s Hospital in Don Carlos, Bukidnon, for medical care, but was pronounced dead on arrival, based on the report.

The police are investigating utilizing CCTV footage. Jamisola attempted to flee but was apprehended quickly, according to authorities. Don Carlos MPS has taken possession of the arrested suspect for suitable disposition.

The police reported Achas was still breathing but hoped anyone who witnessed the incident called them right away. A drug test will be performed on the suspect. Jamisola had previously undergone rehab for unlawful drug usage, according to police records. The baby is presently in the care of the victim’s parents and is stated to be in good condition.

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5 thoughts on “Woman Died after Beaten and Stabbed by Live-in Partner in Bukidnon”

  1. Most live-in relationships don’t end up successfully. There are many reasons i.e. immoral etc. They should formally tie the knot before living together.

  2. We cannot undo what had happened to Miss Kemberly Achas; but to the other Girls who are Studying yet : will you please focus on your studies so to build your future and be freed from being a victim of an ellicit relationship. After you’ve graduated of your chosen course and have had gotten an stable work, you may choose some one who deserved your love, and be settled legally with the BLESSINGS OF YOUR PARENTS AND COMMUNITY.


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