4 Stepkids Stabbed to Death in Trece Martires Over Jealousy

4 Stepkids Stabbed by Mother’s Man in Trece Martires City Due to Jealousy

A man killed himself after he stabbed his four (4) stepkids in Trece Martires City, Cavite due to alleged jealousy.

The man’s motivation was jealousy, which drove him to slaughter the four children of his live-in girlfriend before stabbing himself at Barangay Cabuco here. The dead victims were discovered in their chambers.

According to the report, the child victims were named as Maria, 14; Bianca, 10; Joy, 8; and Conrad, 6 – all residents of the stated city’s Barangay Cabuco. Felimon Galisangga Escalona, a 38-year-old tricycle driver, was identified as the suspect.

Stepkids Stabbed Trece Martires

Escalona, who lives with the victims’ mother, is also a resident of the aforementioned location. The suspect, the victims’ stepfather, was also killed after being stabbed in the chest after slaughtering the children.

According to a report obtained from Police Lt. Colonel Jonathan Aznan, the city’s chief of police, the Trece Martires Police got a call from Cabuco barangay officials regarding an alleged disturbance at the victims’ home. When police officers arrived at the Summer Houses in Bgy. The gate to the house in Cabuco, Trece Martires City, was locked.

To open it, they had to use a bolt cutter. When the cops entered the residence, the suspect raced to them, bleeding and with a knife wound in his chest.

As the authorities entered the siblings’ rooms, they discovered the victims’ mangled bodies with stab wounds. Neighbors of the victims reported hearing yells and cries in the aforementioned house, prompting them to seek assistance from barangay officials and the police.

According to the police report, the mother of the siblings is an overseas Filipino worker in Saudi Arabia, and her relationship with the suspect has barely lasted a month. The children’s mother, Virginia Dela Pena, is very saddened by what happened to her four children.

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