Woman Died After Stabbed by “Selosong” Husband in Zamboanga

Woman Stabbed by “Selosong” Husband to Death in Zamboanga City

A woman was killed after being stabbed by her “selosong” husband to death in Zamboanga City.

According to the report of Remate, a jealous husband stabbed his 38-year-old wife to death in Zamboanga City as she was leaving for work. Susane Hasil Leonardo, age 38, was named as the deceased, while Ruel Leonardo, age 42, was named as the suspect. Both individuals dwell in the same city.

Woman Stabbed Selosong Husband

The man killed his wife with a knife, and is currently being held under hospital arrest after stabbing himself. According to the Zamboanga-PNP report, the crime took place on Veterans Avenue in the aforementioned city outside the victim’s place of employment.

It is well known that the victim and her spouse are divorcing as a result of his jealousy. The culprit allegedly committed the horrible atrocity on his wife because he could not accept his wife’s choice.

According to the report, the suspect waited for the victim outside of work, and when he finally caught sight of her, he stabbed her multiple times before also stabbing himself. The pair was brought right away to the hospital.

But Susane was pronounced dead. Ruel, on the other hand, kept getting medical attention. The individual is currently accused of murder, according to the police.

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