Dog Prevents Attempted Holdup at Drive-in Hotel in Echague, Isabela

Dog Foils Attempted Holdup Incident in Echague, Isabela

A dog help to prevent an attempted holdup at a drive-in hotel in purok 7, Barangay Soyung, Echague, Isabela.

The Echague Police Station continues its investigation to identify the suspect who allegedly attempted to rob a drive-in hotel in Purok 7, Barangay Soyung.

According to Police Major Rogelio Natividad, chief of the Echague Police Station, the hotel owner noticed the man in the reception area and released the dog, which was shot by the suspect before he escaped.


Based on their investigation, the authorities recovered an empty shell and a slug of a 9mm firearm at the scene. The police are now trying to identify the suspect, who was wearing a black jacket, a hat, and a facemask.

PMaj Natividad called on victims of theft or robbery to report to the police station to take action and prevent similar incidents from happening. They have also coordinated with commercial establishments that operate 24/7. If there are any suspicious activities, they can immediately call the police station.

Ms. Mary Grace Donato-Tejero, daughter of the hotel owner, stated that the suspect thought the secretary in the reception area was alone early yesterday morning when he entered her room with a gun and declared a hold-up.

They saw in the CCTV footage that the suspect was hiding on the side of the hotel and when he thought the secretary was alone, he entered and declared a hold-up.

Due to the number of keys, the suspect was unable to find the key to the room, so he just pulled on the padlock. When he opened the room beside the reception area, the suspect was surprised to find that the dog he had released was also inside and shot it before fleeing.

The dog was hit by the bullet but was operated on by a veterinarian and is now in good condition.

According to Ms. Donato-Tejero, there are no streetlights in their area, and she hopes that the barangay tanods will patrol to prevent the actions of criminals.

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