“Entitled” Mother, Daughter Saving Spot in Public Parking Goes Viral

“Entitled” Mother, Daughter Criticized for Saving Spot in Public Parking

The online community criticized the “entitled” mother and daughter for saving a spot in a public parking space.

A public parking place is a defined area where people can park their cars, usually on public property such as roadways or parking lots. Depending on the area and regulations set by the governing authorities, these locations may be free or need payment.

Public parking spaces are in high demand in many urban areas and can be difficult to find, especially during peak hours. As a result, some vehicle owners preserve parking space by standing and simply waiting for the driver to arrive.

Nonetheless, it is often regarded as impolite and “self-righteous” behavior. It’s first come, first served, and you shouldn’t be standing in the parking spot because someone might run into you and claim they didn’t see you.

Entitled Saving Parking Spot

Meanwhile, a Facebook user submitted a video of a mother and daughter arguing about parking space. The mother and daughter became enraged while preventing a vehicle from entering the parking space in which they were standing.

According to the video, the black vehicle is persisting on entering the saved area when the two stop him and continue shouting at him. The automobile of the two women saving a parking spot is ready to park if the black vehicle gives up.

The black vehicle eventually gave up the parking spot. The uploader can be heard shouting in the background that conserving parking spots is not permitted. The video has gone viral on social media, eliciting a wide range of opinions from the online community. The family was chastised and labeled “entitled” by the netizens.

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