Francine Diaz, Orange & Lemons Vocalist Clem Castro Break Their Silence After Controversial Gig

Francine Diaz, Orange & Lemons Vocalist Clem Castro Speak Out After Controversial Gig

FRANCINE DIAZ – Actress Francine Diaz and Clem Castro of Orange and Lemons finally broke their silence after their controversial gig.

Francine Diaz and Clem Castro from Orange and Lemons encountered each other in person once again. This occurred following a viral incident at an event in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, where they were both guests.

During an interview with MJ Felipe of ABS-CBN, Clem claimed that he was the one who took the initiative to approach the event organizer and Francine after the video footage of the incident circulated on social media. He mentioned that the events unfolded rapidly.

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Despite the swift turn of events, Francine Diaz and Clem Castro promptly addressed and talked through the situation.

“The root of the problem is miscommunication. Even with the host, our management team, Francine’s handler, the organizers so hindi lang nagtugma-tugma ‘yung communication.”

“She also apologized for what transpired. It was so fast so she was just doing what she thinks she supposed to do. So no judgment on that. ‘Yun nga lang nagkaroon lang ng misunderstanding.”

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Clem Castro emphasized that the incident with Francine Diaz should be taken as a learning experience, guiding them to be more vigilant in future events to avoid similar occurrences for other performers and artists.

On the other hand, Francine attributed the onstage events in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro to miscommunication. Nevertheless, she expressed her contentment at reconciling with Clem and hinted at ongoing discussions about collaborating on a music-related project.

“Clearly, it’s miscommunication and unorganized event. But okay naman po kami ni sir Clem also with my mom and si Ate Red hair. Okay naman na po. nagkaayos naman na. Pero nag-sorry rin po ako kay sir Clem kasi at that time, I wasn’t thinking properly. Wala sa right state of mind ako, and I should’ve acknowledge them. Pero ‘yun nga po because of intimidation hindi ko po alam ang gagawin ko. So kinausap ko nalang yung audience.”

“Ito na ‘yung peace and closure para sa lahat. Kasi okay naman na po sa amin. Sana ganun din sa lahat ng tao. Nag-apologize na po ako kay sir Clem kasi kahit hindi ko po intention na mang-disrespect, ganu’n po yung nangyari, ganu’n yung kinalabasan. But nagkaintindihan na po kami and okay na kami.”

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