Malacañang Says February 25, 2023 No Longer a ‘Regular Holiday’

February 25, 2023 (Saturday)No Longer a ‘Regular Holiday’, Malacañang Palace Says

Malacañang Palace said that February 25, 2023 will no longer be a regular holiday after BBM declared February 24 as special non-working day.

Following President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s proclamation of February 24, 2023 (Friday) as a special non-working holiday, Malacañang stated on Friday that February 25, 2023 (Saturday), will no longer be a regular holiday.

In accordance with the principle of holiday economics, Marcos’ Proclamation No. 167 moved the February 25 holiday to February 24 in order to “enable our countrymen to avail of the benefits of a longer weekend… provided that the historical significance of the EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary is maintained.”


The Facebook page Official Gazette released a statement regarding the declaration of the special non-working holiday.

Consistent with the holidays moved in furtherance of holiday economics as contained in Proclamation No. 90 dated November 11, 2022, February 24, 2023 has been declared a special non-working holiday to mark the Edsa anniversary in lieu of February 25, 2023 (a regular working day) but without diminishing the latter’s significance”

Malacañang has yet to reveal whether Marcos will be participating in any commemorative events for the EDSA People Power anniversary as of Friday noon. But in the afternoon, the President will attend the “Tan-Ok ni Ilocano” celebration in Laoag City.


In an effort to promote holiday economy, Marcos issued Proclamation No. 90 last year. It was written with the dual goals of giving Filipinos the much-needed opportunity to travel and supporting the government’s tourism profits.

The Philippine Revolution of 1986, commonly referred to as the EDSA People Power Revolution, was a nonviolent mass demonstration that took place in the Philippines from February 22–25, 1986. The revolution is regarded as one of the world’s most extraordinary instances of a peaceful democratic transition and an important event in Filipino history.

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  1. Kawawa po yun mga no work no pay at wala naman.pasok ng Sabado. Sayang un sweldo na sana kapag pumasok ng Friday.
    Kawawa.ang mga arawan..sana d na mag declare ng special non working holiday sa weekdays. Sayang. Tsk tsk tsk

  2. Yung iba na Hindi nakakaintindi putak Ng putak. Dinagdagan nga yung holiday imbes na pumatak Ng sabado eh holiday Yung biyernes. So kung pinapasok kayo Ng biyernes Feb 24 ay double pay kayo. Isip isip din mga Lutang. Para kayong nasa kalawakan.

  3. Thank you Lord. Never na holiday yang Feb 25 ginawa lang nila Yan dinamay Ang mga nasa probinsya dapat sa EDSA lang Yang holiday na yan

  4. No significant about EDSA just for the minds of the anti government that time ako bisaya but we that time my family were pro MARCOS kahit ngayon Marcos pa rin.

  5. Obvious po..Kasi that time pinalayas Ang mga Marcos..bakit nga Naman Niya I reminisce..Yan po Ang pinakamasakit na panahon para sa kanilang pamilya🙄🙄🙄

  6. 💯 it’s TRUE. They changed of what happened before like what the 2 movies did. It’s already in the history of the Phil. Republic and they can’t erased or changed it


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