Motorcycle Rider Mistaken ‘Sampay na Damit’ for ‘Ukay-Ukay’ Items (Video)

Video of Motorcycle Rider Who Mistook ‘Sampay na Damit’ for ‘Ukay-Ukay’ Items Goes Viral

A motorcycle rider goes viral and elicits comments online after he mistook ‘Sampay na Damit’ for ‘ukay-ukay’ items.

The Facebook account Paul Ollie has shared the video footage of a motorcycle rider who mistook ‘sampay na damit’ for ‘ukay’ products. The video spread like a wildfire online and garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In that row of hanging clothes, you can immediately read the words “4 sale,” a line that turned out to be incomplete because a shirt covered the word “ice.” It turns out that what’s being sold is ice.

Motorcycle Rider

Laughter and good vibes are brought about by a now-viral video of a netizen on Facebook who initially thought that clothes were being sold.

In the video which has over 209,000 views as of reporting, a rider stopped when he saw the hanging clothes on the fence of a house. The clothes were neatly hung and did not look like they were pre-loved, which prompted him to ask if two of the pieces were for sale.

A female neighbor who answered the rider’s question said that the clothes were, in fact, hung to dry and were not for sale. The rider then noticed a cardboard sign on the wall that read “Ice 4 sale.”

Motorcycle Rider

Embarrassed, the rider just said “Naku po” and immediately returned the clothes to their position. He felt both embarrassed and amused at the situation and ultimately just apologized to the neighbor he asked.

The video has garnered over 8,600 reactions as of this writing. The footage has a caption: “Nahiya rin ako sa ginawa mo kuya.” However, it was still unknown if the video is scripted or not.

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