Drunk Man Fell Asleep Beside Road Mistaken Victim of Violence by Responders

Responders Though Drunk Man on the Road Was Victim of Violence but Suddenly Woke Up

Video footage responders mistook a drunk man lying beside the highway road for a victim of violence after he fell asleep due to drunkenness goes viral.

On Facebook, Sky Radio Mlang Official shared a live video report where a man is seen lying beside the road. He appears to have been engaged in an accident or violent incident. After getting a report that a guy was spotted lying beside the road, the broadcaster and respondents went to the scene.

The broadcaster went live on Facebook right away to report the situation. According to the report, the individual was discovered lying down beside the national highway in Cotabato City at 11 p.m.

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The man laying beside the road, however, awoke after a few minutes of investigation. According to the footage, the man appeared to be inebriated, which could explain why he fell asleep on the highway.

Drunk Man on Road

Some netizens chastise the broadcaster for not promptly calling local authority in the comment area of the said live. However, another netizen claims that the broadcaster has already contacted the rescuers and that they have yet to approach the man because there is no blood.

The internet community has reacted to the video report, which has gone popular on social media. After learning that the man had just fallen asleep due to intoxication, netizens have expressed hilarious reactions towards him.

Here are some of their reactions:

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