Standee of Leni on Top of Iloilo Building Mistaken as Man to End Own Life

Standee of Leni on Top of Iloilo Building Cause Alarm to Residents

The human-size standee of presidential aspirant Leni Robredo on top of Building in Iloilo has caused alarm to residents after being mistaken as a man to end own line.

As election day approaches, some supporters of candidates for public office make a concentrated effort to display their support. To express their support for certain political candidates, some supporters arrange demonstrations and caravans around the country.

Leni Standee in Iloilo

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Others went so far as to place massive tarpaulins in their neighborhoods to demonstrate their support for their candidate. Standees and enormous sign boards with the image of their political candidate were created by ardent fans.

A snapshot of a human-size standee of Vice President Leni Robredo produced by her supporters was recently shared by Guimarasnon Broadcasting Service on Facebook. It was placed on top of a building in Jaro, Iloilo City, by her admirers.

Residents in the region have been paying close attention to the standee. It was mistaken for a real human standing on the brink of the building due to its size, which alarmed the residents, who assumed it would leap out to end its life.

Vice President 1SAMBAYAN’s presidential candidate is Leni Robredo. As an independent candidate, she submitted her Certificate of Candidacy (COC) for president.

The Vice President said that electing to run was a difficult decision and that they don’t have enough resources to run. Meanwhile, her choice was bolstered by the encouragement she received from her followers, who organized various actions to demonstrate their support for her.

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