Jed Madela on His Singing Career: “Hindi na ako masaya”

Jed Madela Reveals Not Happy Anymore with His Singing Career

Singer Jed Madela revealed that he planned to stop because he is not happy anymore with his singing career.

During his interview with Toni Gonzaga’s talk show-vlog “Toni Talks,” the Kapamilya shared a lot about his singing career. According to Jed, he is no longer satisfied with his career.

Jed Madela Singing Career

The singer went on to say that he wants to stop singing because no one in the industry seems to respect him. He bemoaned the fact that people are only praising young and upcoming singers.

“Parang mas pinapansin na nila yung mas bata, mga bago… for a while, I considered stopping na lang kasi hindi na ako masaya. Hindi na ako masaya how the industry was treating me,” he revealed.

Despite this, Jed fights on because he feels he has skill. He emphasized that he will continue to share his talent with everyone because he has been given the opportunity to do so.

“I am blessed that I am given the opportunity to share, kasi sayang lang din kung may talent ka… wala kang opportunity to share the talent,” said Jed in his interview.

It is worth recalling that he discussed his appeal to the producers, who agreed to give him a Valentine’s concert. Some fans will recall Jed’s ominous message in August 2022. The artist appears to have then announced his departure from the entertainment world.

Jed was motivated to create an album with fresh musicians a few months ago. Jed is currently seen as a judge in the “It’s Showtime” segment “Tawag ng Tanghalan” and in the musical variety show “Asap Natin ‘To.” In addition to singing, Jed is a toy collector and producer.

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