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Angeline Quinto Reacts To Her Viral ‘Napadaan Lang’ Moment in ASAP

angeline quinto

Angeline Quinto went viral due to what happened on ‘ASAP Natin To’ Kapamilya singer Angeline Quinto reacted to her viral “napadaan lang” moment during a performance on ABS-CBN’s Sunday musical variety show ASAP Natin ‘To. Angeline is used to doing live performances. Before she made it into the Philippine entertainment industry, she was a “kontesera” … Read more

Angeline Quinto Epic “Napadaan Lang” Moment in ‘ASAP Natin To’ Goes Viral

angeline quinto

Angeline Quinto caught netizens’ attention due to this viral video Kapamilya singer Angeline Quinto had this “napadaan lang” moment during a performance in ASAP Natin ‘To and this went viral. Angeline is one of the mainstays in the Kapamilya Sunday musical variety show. For many years, she gave outstanding performances that garnered admiration for her … Read more

Jed Madela Called “Laos” by Basher While Singing Religious Song

Jed Madela Was Saddened After Basher Called Him “Laos” While Singing Religious Song Filipino singer Jed Madela expresses sadness after being called “laos” by a basher while singing a religious song. On Good Friday, the musician went live on TikTok to share a song with his fans. However, as Jed was singing live on TikTok, … Read more

Jed Madela on His Singing Career: “Hindi na ako masaya”

Jed Madela Reveals Not Happy Anymore with His Singing Career Singer Jed Madela revealed that he planned to stop because he is not happy anymore with his singing career. During his interview with Toni Gonzaga’s talk show-vlog “Toni Talks,” the Kapamilya shared a lot about his singing career. According to Jed, he is no longer … Read more

Jed Madela Slams Clothing Store Using His Outfit on Their Ads

Jed Madela Air Dismay to Clothing Store Stealing His Outfit for Their Ads Kapamilya singer Jed Madela airs his disappointment against an online shop for allegedly using and altering his outfit for ads. The Kapamilya singer, recently expressed his dismay on Facebook over a clothing business using his image in sponsored internet advertisement. He said … Read more

Jed Madela on his Extra Duty When Performing in Christmas Shows

jed madela

Jed Madela understands his assignment as a performer Kapamilya singer Jed Madela shared that he knows his extra duty when it comes to performing in Christmas shows. Jed has one of the most powerful voices in the music industry now, especially in the selection of male singers in the country. He can do “birit” notes … Read more

MJ Lastimosa Shares Effect of TikTok When Seeing AFAM at Airport

MJ Lastimosa Tweets the Effect of TikTok on Her When Seeing AFAM at Airport Beauty queen MJ Lastimosa shared the effect of TikTok on her when seeing Filipinas with a foreigner (AFAM) partner at the airport. MJ took to Twitter to extol the effects of TikTok, one of the most popular video streaming services, on … Read more

Jed Madela Shares Cryptic Post, Does This Mean Goodbye?

Jed Madela caught the attention of the online community because of this post Kapamilya singer Jed Madela shared a cryptic post on Facebook and he appeared to be hinting at saying goodbye. Jed, known as The Voice, was the first Filipino to win the World Championships of Performing Arts title. His voice is admired by many … Read more

New Year Countdown 2021: Jed Madela Leads Live Concert

new year countdown 2021

Jed Madela will lead the New Year Countdown 2021 concert Singer Jed Madela will be leading the live concert that will be part of the celebration of New Year Countdown 2021. As Filipinos are so festive during the holiday season, various events are being held in different parts of the country. Gatherings and parties are … Read more