Darryl Yap on Rivals: ‘Wait lang po, shinoshoot pa yung sasabitan n’yo!’

Darryl Yap Shares “Pasaring” Against Rivals of His “Martyr or Murderer” Film

Controversial director Darryl Yap throws “pasaring” against the alleged rivals of his “Martyr or Murderer” (MoM).

Yap took to Facebook to upload a post announcing about the update of his film “Martyr or Murderer”, the sequel of Marcos’ family narrative “Maid in Malacañang”. The post was triggered by the release of the official trailer and poster for Atty. Vince Tañada’s “Ako si Ninoy” film.

Darryl Yap Rivals

Atty Tañada’s film and Director Joel Lamangan’s film “Oras De Peligro” are said to be challengers to his second chapter of the successful film “MiM”. According to the director’s post, his competitor should wait because his film is still in production.

“Wait lang po, shinoshoot pa yung sasabitan n’yo,” Yap said in his Facebook post.

Although the title of the film has not been revealed, netizens feel Yap is referring to the two rival films/directors. According to the director’s social media posts, his crew is in Morocco for filming.

According to another Facebook post, Yap has seen the film’s official trailer. He makes a snide remark, claiming that it was supposedly plagiarized from his “Maid in Malacañang” song.

“Gayang-gaya naman yung #MiM hahahaha! Taenang tae ’to, di na lang namatay kaninang 9:30pm,” he said in his post.

“MiM” by Yap is a fictional account of the Marcos family’s final three days in Malacañang Palace. It was, however, chastised for attempting to falsify historical truths.

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