JK Labajo to Play as Ninoy Aquino in “Ako si Ninoy” Musical Film

JK Labajo Leads “Ako si Ninoy” Musical Film by Director Vince Tañada

Singer Juan Karlos ‘JK’ Labajo to play as late Senator Ninoy Aquino in the musical film of Director Atty Vince Tañada “Ako si Ninoy”.

The singer-actor plays the lead in the film “Ako si Ninoy,” directed by Vince Tañada, who praised the film’s historical accuracy. Labajo portrays the late Senator Ninoy Aquino, who led the opposition to then-dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos.

JK Labajo Ako Ninoy

The narrative will also include his assassination upon his return from exile in the United States. According to the trailer, the film will also depict the politician’s family life and career as a young war correspondent.

Historian Xiao Chua praised Labajo’s performance and the singer-bravery actor’s in taking on the challenging role. This is significant, according to Chua, because he will use his youth appeal to help tell the stories obscured by distortions.

“Noong nakita ko si JK Labajo sa harapan ko na mag-transform bilang si Ninoy, nangilabot ako… Malaking bagay ito kasi hindi naman niya ikakayaman ito pero gagamitin niya ang hatak niya sa kabataan upang tumulong na maikuwento ang mga bagay na pinalalabo ng mga pambabaluktot,” he said in a series of tweets.

Chua hinted that he assisted in the film’s production, an adaptation of Tañada’s 2009 musical. Joaquin Domagoso, the son of former presidential candidate and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, also appears in the film.

Isko will clash with his son because he is set to play Aquino in the upcoming film “Martyr or Murderer,” directed by the contentious Darryl Yap. Tañada and Yap competed at the box office with their martial law-themed films last year.

Tañada’s “Katips: The Movie” was re-released in August 2022 to counteract the release of Yap’s “Maid in Malacañang,” a fiction retelling of the Marcos family’s final three days in Malacañan Palace that was criticized for attempting to distort historical facts. This year, “Ako si Ninoy” and “Martyr or Murderer” will be released.

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