Joel Lamangan Accepts That He’s Defeated By Darryl Yap’s Movie

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Joel Lamangan talked about the box-office result of his movie ‘Oras de Peligro’ Veteran director Joel Lamangan accepted that his movie Oras de Peligro was defeated by director Darryl Yap’s movie Martyr or Murderer. The two movies were officially released in cinemas on March 1. Direk Joel’s movie tackled the hardships that Filipinos suffered during … Read more

Edu Manzano Shows Support For Cherry Pie Picache’s Movie

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Edu Manzano debunked breakup rumors with Cherry Pie Picache Veteran actor Edu Manzano showed support for his girlfriend actress Cherry Pie Picache amid the breakup rumors In late 2021, Edu and Cherry Pie confirmed their relationship. Through their social media posts, netizens noticed the romance between them. Eventually, the couple admitted the real score between … Read more

Cherry Pie Wants to Play Imelda Marcos but Not Under Darryl Yap

Cherry Pie Picache Agrees to Play Imelda Marcos but Not with Darryl Yap Veteran actress Cherry Pie Picache agrees to play former first lady Imelda Marcos but not under controversial director Darryl Yap. During the media event for Joel Lamanga’s film “Oras de Peligro,” the actress bravely and directly answered press questions about Director Darryl … Read more

Darryl Yap to Joel Lamangan: “I’ll comment pag one million followers na”

Director Darryl Yap Reacts to Rival Director Joel Lamangan Controversial director Darryl Yap expresses reactions to his rival director Joel Lamangan who made a film countering his new film. Darryl Yap’s new film “Martyr Or Murderer,” produced by Viva Films, instantly became a top trending topic on all social media platforms in the Philippines Wednesday … Read more

Juliana Segovia on Darryl Yap Rivals: “Sumabay na, gumaya pa”

Juliana Segovia Reacts on Darryl Yap “Pasaring” to Rival Films Comedian and beauty queen Juliana Parizcova Segovia reacts on director Darryl Yap “pasaring” to rival films. The ‘It’s Showtime’ Miss Q&A 2018 grand prize winner responded to the controversial director’s statement on his social media account. Yap wrote a post following the publication of Atty’s … Read more