Maureen Wroblewitz Opens Up About Breakup w/ JK Labajo

Maureen Wroblewitz shared details of her past relationship with JK Labajo

Actress-model Maureen Wroblewitz stressed that there was no third party in her breakup with singer-songwriter JK Labajo.

In mid-2022, it was confirmed that Maureen and JK are no longer together. The former couple has not talked much about their breakup, just like how they chose to be private when they were together.

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However, months after the breakup and just a month after confirming that she is now in a new relationship, Maureen has finally spoken about her breakup with JK with some details.

On January 20, based on the article in PEP, Maureen shared a Tiktok video featuring Miley Cyrus’ latest single Flowers which is about being single and moving on. In the caption of her post, she said that she had not spoken openly about her breakup with JK. She received a comment from a netizen asking if the singer-songwriter cheated on her.

Maureen Wroblewitz said, “No! Cheating is not the only reason couples decide to separate.” As intriguing comments were shared on her post, the former Eat Bulaga host made a clarification.

On January 22, the model shared a follow-up video. She said that there is no tea to spill and said sorry to all the “marites.” She stressed that the blame should not be put on one person only.

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“I have lost a big part of myself and I’m only now starting to realize who I am and what I want. In my past, I have sacrificed my beliefs and my values. I did things that I didn’t like. I enabled behaviors that I didn’t like. I became someone who I dislike,” the actress-model admitted.

She said that this happened because she was so focused on pleasing her partner and she was oblivious to herself. Maureen also said that she did not take accountability for what she wanted. She realized that she has been doing this for many years already.

The Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 winner also stressed the importance of acknowledging one’s toxic behavior and the willingness to change it. For her, the toxic behavior becomes a red flag once a person would say “‘Take me as I am,’ ‘This is just who I am.'”

Maureen Wroblewitz also said that even though she and JK Labajo entered that relationship when they were both young, she has no regrets about that. “From that experience I have learned so many things. I have found out a lot of things about myself, and things that I want for my next relationship,” she added.

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