JK Labajo Reveals He Wrote 70 Songs After Breakup w/ Maureen Wroblewitz

How’s JK Labajo after his breakup with Maureen Wroblewitz?

Singer-songwriter JK Labajo shared that he is learning a lot after he and model-actress Maureen Wroblewitz decided to end their relationship.

JK and Maureen were commended online for breaking up without any issues and controversies. This year, several breakups in showbiz have already occurred and netizens have been feasting on the exchange of mean words between ex-couples.

jk labajo maureen wroblewitz

However, this is not the same case that happened between JK and Maureen. In a recent interview, the singer-songwriter explained this. “I will have nothing but love for her. I actually want her to achieve her dreams. I want her to be happy. The breakup was something we both decided to do. It was more of a professional thing. Career-wise, we just felt we needed to put more time and attention to our respective crafts,” JK Labajo said.

He also shared that he is doing better now. JK somehow drew inspiration from his breakup with Maureen. He revealed that he was able to write 70 songs after the breakup happened.

The singer-songwriter said that until now, he and Maureen are still talking. He also admitted that his former girlfriend had been a positive influence on her. However, he said that it is not to the point of taming him.

jk labajo
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That’s what I loved about her. She loved me for who I am as a person. I’m so transparent. I guess that was always other people’s issue with me since I started my career. I don’t have a filter,” the 21-year-old artist said.

JK Labajo also shared that the best things he learned from Maureen Wroblewitz are “gratitude” and “being more mature as a person.” The model-actress would always remind him to be thankful for everything that he has. The singer-songwriter added that he also learned something for himself and it is about self-love.

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