Kind Customers Lauded by Restaurant Owner for Cleaning Table

Restaurant Owner Praises Kind Customers for Cleaning Table After Eating

A touched restaurant owner praises kind customers for cleaning their table and arranging their plates after eating.

A restaurant owner named Marcelino Galvez from Quezon City happily highlighted the wonderful act of his past customers on Facebook. The post by restaurant owner Galvez praising their guests who preserved food before departing captured the hearts of netizens.

“Salamat dahil sa small act of kindness na kagaya ng ganito, nakakawala ng pagod. Kayo yung tipo ng tao na hindi nakaka-isip ng ‘wag mo ng ligpitin yan trabaho nila yan eh’ said Galvez on his post.

Kind Customers Restaurant

According to Galvez, the couple customer arrived at their restaurant at about 10:00 p.m. They are thought to be their last customers and their employees are already tired from all day shift.

That is why they were so appreciative of the work done by stated customers. It reached one of its referred clients and left a comment as a result of the reactions and shares to Galvez’s post.

According to their customer Pauline, they are also working as service staff, so they understand how satisfying it is to see the customers’ tables cleaned. This is also why they always clean what they eat in any restaurant they can visit.

“Thank you rin po sa pag-accommodate sa amin kahit late na po kaming nag-dine in sa inyo kagabi. Thank you po sa good service and sa masarap na food,” Pauline replied to Galvez’s post.

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