Alex Gonzaga Issue: Story Behind The Written Letter By Kuya Allan

This is the real story behind the controversial letter that came out after Alex apologized to the service worker.

ALEX GONZAGA – Last January 17, Alex Gonzaga apologized to Kuya Allan but a letter emerged online and this is the story behind it.

After the cake-smearing incident that went viral and controversial online, vlogger Alex Gonzaga went to Kuya Allan and personally apologized. However, after the apology, a contributed photo of Kuya Allan’s hand-written letter with his signature on it emerged online which confused a lot of people.

Many people assumed that Alex’s camp made him do it according to a report from PEP, Alex is not involved in this.

Accordingly, the statement from Kuya Allan reflected in a signed hand-written letter is an SOP or Standard Operating Procedure in the company he’s working at. It was submitted to their HR and the letter also serves as his report to his employer.

Moreover, it was his company that released the photo of his letter. Kuya Allan, based on the post, would want to maintain his space as a private citizen, and based on the site’s reliable source, Alex has nothing to do with it.

Moreover, in a social media post based on a previous article, Alex expressed her apology to Kuya Allan and to her family.

She expressed, “I am truly sorry, Kuya Allan. To my family, I am sorry for causing you pain and embarrassment. I will rise from this a wiser and better person.”

To recall, the video that circulated online where Alex was recorded smearing cake icing on a waiter’s face has made a lot of people online mad. Alex received lots of critical comments for making her guests laugh at the expense of other people.


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