Alex Gonzaga Official Statement: “I am truly sorry, Kuya Allan.”

In a social media post, Alex Gonzaga says sorry to Kuya Allan and her family.

ALEX GONZAGA – Finally breaking her silence, Alex Gonzaga expresses sorry to Kuya Allan and her family in a post.

Actress and social media influencer, Alex Gonzaga previously went viral online because of a video taken her during her birthday party. She was recorded spreading icing on a service worker’s forehead in front of her celebrity friends and many people online, what she did was rude and embarrassing on the part of the service waiter.

In a statement through a publicist, Mommy Pinty’s side was aired and in the statement, she shared that their family is close to the waiter. They described Allan as “kabiruan na Mommy Pinty and Alex” and added that Alex won’t probably do what she did if she’s not close with that person.

Last January 17, Alex personally went to Kuya Allan to express her apology. Despite her effort, she was still criticized because Kuya Allan made a handwritten letter with his signature stating that he and Alex has ironed out their issues.

And now, amid the intense bashing, Alex finally broke her silence and in a social media post, she expressed her apology to Kuya Allan for all the people online to know.

She wrote:

On my birthday, God taught me a hard and important lesson. Humility, kindness and better judgment.

I am truly sorry, Kuya Allan.

To my family, I am sorry for causing you pain and embarrassment. I will rise from this a wiser and better person.

In the same statement, she apologized to her family for the pain and embarrassment her action had caused them. She vowed to rise from it as a wiser and better person.

Alex Gonzaga
Photo grabbed on Twitter | @Mscathygonzaga


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