Alex Gonzaga “Bastos” Behavior? Netizens React

Netizens did not like how Alex Gonzaga behaved in this video.

ALEX GONZAGA – Insensitive? People online called out Alex Gonzaga for her rude behavior toward someone during her birthday party.

Insensitive? Basura ang ugali?

Netizens online did not like the behavior of social media influencer Alex Gonzaga during her birthday party. Even though it was done out of humor and just for fun, netizens couldn’t help but be critical of it. For some people online, such behavior was insensitive and inappropriate for someone like her who has quite and reputation in the industry and is married to a respected politician.

She just turned 35 and a video of her birthday celebration circulated online. In the video, she was singing and cheering with her guests while a cake being held by a waiter was waiting in front of her.

After blowing out the cake, she suddenly dabbed half of her palm on the cake and put it on the waiter’s forehead driving her and her audience laughing at the situation. People online expressed that it’s supposed to be fun if the person is close to her or part of her guests. But he was not. People bet she barely knows him.

A sharer of the video noted: They are not paid by you to be embarrassed like that!

Check out below:

Here are some comments from this post:

yung reaction ni kuya parang napahiya

35 na yan ha jusko

Nanggigigil ako teh. Kung ako yan. Baka tinapon ko yung cake or sinaboy ko sa mukha nya.

Bakit hindi nalang yung asawa niya ang nilagyan niya sa mukha? Pa pampam na masiyado si Alex,akala niya siguro nakaka tuwa…

Bastos nakakabwisit. Offended si kuya. Haist mahirap talagang maging mahirap.

Basura talaga to. Kung hindi nalalate kung ano anong ginagawang katarantaduhan.

Alex Gonzaga Video
Photo grabbed on Twitter


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  1. No amount of money enough to save you with your garbage attitude. You may have the fame for now but in the end, you are still human just like any of us. I hope you will learn your lesson from now on Alex Gonzaga. “Respect.”

  2. At sino gusto kumain nang cake after touching it with her hands. Napaka unsanitary niya naman. Hindi siya nahiya sa ginawa niya.


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