Toni Gonzaga Reveals Paul Soriano ‘Refills” Her Wallet

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Toni Gonzaga mentioned her husband in this recent interview Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga revealed that her husband filmmaker Paul Soriano is the one refilling the money in her wallet. Toni has come a long way since she started her career in the entertainment industry. From doing commercials and supporting roles, she was able to … Read more

Toni Gonzaga Rumored Showbiz Comeback, Source Reacts

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Rumors recently surfaced that Toni Gonzaga will return to ABS-CBN A source spoke about the rumored showbiz comeback of Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga after taking a break when she got pregnant. Prior to her pregnancy, Toni was doing her self-titled talk show on ALLTV. However, just like other programs airing on the TV network … Read more