Netizen Pranks Girlfriend w/ “Sibuyas” Inside Ferrero Rocher Packaging

Netizen Gifts Girlfriend with “Ferrero Sibuyas” on Monthsary

SIBUYAS – A netizen pranked her girlfriend with onions packed inside the Ferrero Rocher packaging on their monthsary.

A lot of Filipinos are currently having a hard time budgeting their money because of the high prices of goods and commodities. One of those that significantly increased is the price of onion or what is locally called “sibuyas”.

Previously, former Senator Kiko Pangilinan stressed that the price of onions will really leave you teary-eyed. He compared the costs of red onions which are at P112 per kilo in Australia but P250 per kilo in the Philippines. According to him, the P200+ per kilo white onions in the country only cost P75 per kilo in Australia.

The high prices of onions nowadays caught the attention of people. There are even entertaining posts of having onions as the exchange gift this holiday season. Recently, a netizen used “sibuyas” in pranking her girlfriend by putting them inside the packaging of a famous chocolate brand, Ferrero Rocher.

Sibuyas Ferrero Prank

On Facebook, the netizen shared the video showing her preparation for the “Ferrero Sibuyas Prank”. The netizen took all the chocolates outside of the plastic box and began picking the onions that have similar sizes with the chocolates.

According to the netizen, they are celebrating their 98th monthsary on that day. The netizen stressed that the onions are also expensive as much as the chocolates of the famous chocolate brand. Here is the video posted on social media:

The said Facebook video went viral. Here are some of the comments on the post:

@Angel Geronimo Hicban: “Mapapaluha ka talaga dyan [laughing emojis]”

@Leizl Gordo: “Ginto na kasi presyo ng sibuyas ngayon”

@Bhebot Abellera: “Cindy may pangrekado na sa ulam nyo ni kate.”

@Jern Balero Guadez: “Aba pde n tlaga pngregalo sibuyas!!…. Gintong ginto n presyo… Dko tatanggihan yan”

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