Alex Gonzaga Speaks About “Tampuhan” After Miscarriage

This is the “tampuhan” that Alex Gonzaga revealed before and after her “pregnancy”.

ALEX GONZAGA – Actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga speaks about her miscarriage and the “tampuhan” that happened.

Fertility and baby talks have always been sensitive because although it is rarely talked about, many are struggling with certain problems like miscarriage and infertility. And among those who have experienced a miscarriage are Alex Gonzaga and her husband Mikee Morada.

In a previous article, they shared the biggest false alarm of their life. She suffered from a blighted ovum which she also calls “nabugok”. No baby was developed but her body thought that she is pregnant.

It was heartbreaking and to use that word to describe the whole journey is an understatement. However, they try to see the positive in everything. The journey, for them, is like a message from God. It also showed that she is not “baog” only that it wasn’t meant to happen at that time.

And now, speaking about it, she recalled that there was a moment she and Mikee had a huff because of each other. Mikee felt bad when he saw that she was not happy when they found out that she was pregnant.

Accordingly, he knows that his wife wasn’t also ready for it at that time.

As for Alex, there was one time she felt a fit of petty annoyance when he just slept after they’d come from the hospital. His gesture made her feel like he was mocking her for not wanting to be pregnant yet initially.

Listen to their story here:

Mikee and Alex have been married for more than two years now. Mikee has always wanted to have a baby which is the same as Alex. However, the actress is not yet ready to have a baby.


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