13 Meters-Deep Underground Tunnel Found Inside New Bilibid Compound

Authorities Found Underground Tunnel Inside New Bilibid Compound

UNDERGROUND TUNNEL – A 13 meters-deep tunnel was discovered by the authorities inside the compound of the New Bibilib Prison.

The largest mega penitentiary is found in the Philippines – the New Bilibid Prison. It is where most of the individuals who were sentenced for imprisonment due to various reasons serve their sentence.

Unfortunately, the New Bilibid is now over-congested and the number inmates are way beyond the ideal capacity of the facility. The Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) previously released hundreds of inmates from different jail facilities across the nation including the NBP. The Department of Justice (DOJ) previously gave a heads up on the releasing of more inmates in November and December as part of decongesting the NBP. It ordered the checking of those who have finished serving their sentence.

Currently, there are a lot of issues surrounding the New Bilibid Prison. Recently, an underground tunnel that was estimated to be 13 meters deep was found inside the NBP compound.

Credit: ABS-CBN News
Underground Tunnel
Credit: ABS-CBN News

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the said underground tunnel that was discovered by the authorities inside the New Bilibid compound was found near the residence of the prison bureau chief.

According to BuCor officer-in-charge Gregorio Catapang, the said tunnel is not an official project of the bureau. However, the funds that were used for the backhoe that seemingly dug the tunnel was from the bureau.

Underground Tunnel
Credit: ABS-CBN News

Based on the report, the excavation is estimated to have started around six (6) months ago. It is suspected to have been done secretly because the prison has its own backhoe operator.

According to the legal operator of the backhoe, he was told to bring the backhoe at the director’s quarter at any time at night. He claimed that he was only allowed until the parking area and it is also where he would get it whenever he would need it for his job during the day.

Currently, investigations are ongoing and the authorities are also investigating the make-shift dwellings of some inmates inside the New Bilibid Prison. These shelters have their own living room, bedroom, and bathroom. The inmates claim that they pay P12,000 monthly for it.

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