Robi Domingo Says ‘Audience’ Is More Important Than ‘Market’

Robi Domingo talked about “market” in showbiz

Kapamilya host Robi Domingo said that “audience” is more important than “market” in connection with the statement that vlogger Zeinab Harake had.

To recall, it was revealed that Zeinab thinks that Robi has “no market” and so collaborating with him will not give that much benefit. The female vlogger has already apologized for what she said.

robi domingo
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In a recent interview, based on the article in PEP, when the “walang market” issue happened, Robi thought about it because he has been in the entertainment industry for 14 years already.

“Parang ang tagal na kaya naisip ko, may market ba ako?” the Kapamilya host said. When he was asked about the issue, Robi Domingo said that he is just accepting whatever project his home network is offering to him.

He admitted that he somehow got affected by the issue and has his frustrations. “Lalung-lalo na, ‘Asan na ba talaga ako? Kailan ba ako magkakaroon ng break? Bakit ba palagi akong sidekick. Bakit ba palagi akong pinapadala sa malalayong lugar?’” the TV host added.

robi domingo
📷: @iamrobidomingo IG

With his line of work, he sometimes needs to go to places and know the story. This adds to his credibility. When he is at the studio makes more sense because of his experiences in the field. His interaction with contestants, the staff, and everyone in the production has a more profound sense.

With the advent of social media, the pace became faster and it has become stressful. At times, in creating content, Robi would think that certain content will be a hit but it won’t. With this, he came up with a realization.

“But you will come to a realization na minsan sa buhay, hindi importante ang market. Dahil mas importante yung audience,” the TV host said. For him, having audience that interacts with him is for long term.

“When you have a market, parang nagbebenta ka, di ba, you’re trying to… everything is a business. When you have an audience, you relate. And much more than the market, I would love to have that audience,” Robi Domingo said.

The TV host admitted that when the issue surfaced, it did not affect him that much as he knows that it could be true that he does not do well in algorithm games on social media.

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