Strawberry Picking Baguio – Details To Experience This

Strawberry Picking Baguio

STRAWBERRY PICKING BAGUIO – Here are some things to know about this activity if you are heading to Baguio City. This can be done in La Trinidad Strawberry Farm, a worthwhile activity for tourists who would want to personally pick the strawberries they want to bring home with them.

Burnham Park – Everything You Can Do Here

Burnham Park

Here are some of the fun activities you can do in Burnham Park, one of the tourist spots in Baguio. One of the most famous parks in the Philippines found in Baguio is the Burnham Park and here’s the different ways to have fun here. One of the most-visited family-friendly spots in Baguio City is … Read more

Teacher’s Camp Baguio – The Beauty Beyond The Stories

Teacher's Camp Baguio

Known for different scary tales is the Teacher’s Camp in Baguio but take a look at its beauty behind these stories. TEACHER’S CAMP BAGUIO – This is one of the most haunted places in Baguio but here are some details you probably don’t know yet. Have you been in this place? Teacher’s Camp is known … Read more

DOH Checks Water Sources Amid Diarrhea Outbreak in Baguio City

Diarrhea Outbreak

DOH Examines Water Sources in Baguio City Due to Surging Diarrhea Cases The Department of Health (DOH) is currently examining the water sources in Baguio City amidst a diarrhea outbreak. Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong declared an acute gastroenteritis or diarrhea outbreak, with cases surpassing a thousand as of January 10, 2024. The first three … Read more

Manor Hotel Baguio In Camp John Hay

Manor Hotel Baguio

MANOR HOTEL BAGUIO – If you are wondering where to stay in Baguio for the best experience, this hotel is the answer. With its beautiful location, massive area, and rich history, this hotel will surely make your trip extra special.

Kamiseta Hotel In Baguio City Where Elegance Meets Luxury

Kamiseta Hotel

For an added elegance in your trip, Kamiseta Hotel will surely address. The Kamiseta Hotel in Baguio City has this elegant French-inspired, a great addition to your trip for that touch of luxury and elegance. As pleasing and as vibrant as the surroundings of the Baguio City is the Kamiseta Hotel which is in full … Read more

Grand Sierra Pines Baguio – What Makes This Hotel Unique?

Grand Sierra Pines Baguio

“Redefine your Baguio experience” with Grand Sierra Pines Baguio. Here are some details about this hotel. GRAND SIERRA PINES BAGUIO – What makes this hotel unique from the others? Here are some of the details to love about this stay. The location alone of this hotel is enough to make you want to stay and … Read more