2 Students Nabbed After Cutting Classes to Smoke Maryjane in QC

Cop Arrest 2 Minor Students for Allegedly Cutting Classes to Smoke Maryjane in QC

Police authorities arrested two (2) minor students for allegedly cutting their classes to smoke an illegal plant called ‘Maryjane’ in Quezon City (QC).

Two 15-year-old boys were reportedly detained after marijuana was seized near the Quezon City Memorial Circle, according to the report (QCMC). On Monday, the QCMC security guard detained the two teenagers.

Students Smoke Maryjane QC

This came after a worried neighbor complained about their intended marijuana session. The informant claims that when the youngsters were going to light the marijuana, he feigned to go out and get something to eat, based on the report.

He subsequently informed the QCMC security personnel, which resulted in the youngsters’ arrests. The minors declined to discuss the subject. Officials questioned the two teenagers about where they obtained the illegal plant.

However, one of the arrested said that they did not buy the marijuana but only picked it up inside the QCMC. They reportedly lived in the same neighborhood but were enrolled in different schools.

Authorities found out that they skip their classes and went to QCMC to pass the time. The minors were brought to QC Police District Station 11, where they would be processed.

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