Bea Alonzo to Lolit Solis: “I will sincerely pray for her healing”

Bea Alonzo Admitted Will Not Retaliate Against Lolit Solis Remarks

Prominent actress Bea Alonzo speaks out and admitted that she will not retaliate to the remarks of veteran showbiz columnist Lolit Solis.

Actress Bea Alonzo discussed the criticism she received from journalist and talent manager Lolit Solis on a rare occasion. You may recall that Lolit has been criticizing Bea on social media for a while.

Bea Alonzo Lolit Solis

Bea’s talent manager Shirley Kuan and the GMA Network finally spoke out to defend the actress against Lolit and other critics after several months of silence. Lolit is a member of Philippine Artists Managers Inc. (PAMI), which Shirley has also left.

However, if Bea were questioned, she said that she did not want to retaliate against Lolit specifically because of her sickness. She feels that it would be better if she simply prayed for Lolit, who was undergoing dialysis.

“I will never reply because I can’t read what she writes about me. People just tell me about it. But I respect her so much, although we’ve never met, we’ve never been introduced or spoken to each other.” said Bea, based on the article in Cosmo PH.

“I heard she’s sick and I especially won’t answer, I’ll carry that as if it’s a heavy burden. Let’s just stay positive. I will sincerely pray for her healing and for her to get well soon,”

It can be recalled that Lolit frequently wrote articles on Bea, many of which were criticisms or attacks. Bea remained silent about the assault against her and instead expressed her concern for Lolit’s wellbeing.

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