Joyce Pring Gets Support from Juancho Triviño Amid Controversial Statement

Joyce Pring trended on social media because of this statement

TV host Joyce Pring gets support from her husband actor Juancho Triviño amid the criticisms she received after her controversial statement.

In her guesting on Wil Dasovich’s podcast, Joyce talked about her faith. She said that “non-believers go to hell” and this did not sit well with many netizens although there were those who agreed with her.

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Amid the bashing, the TV host stood by what she said. She admitted that she had a dark past but when she started boosting her faith, things changed and she believes that this makes her life better.

Joyce Pring also received support from her husband. In a recent social media post, Juancho Triviño. The actor mirrored his wife’s faith.

“No wasted opportunity, no accidents by the Grace of God alone. As one brave soul speaks, in context of the bible, of truth – the word that has been here way before all of us was even born. I truly believe that, Jesus loves you and cares for you, no matter where you are in life and no matter what you have done, because we are HIS children. We just need to walk with him,” Juancho wrote.

Then, Juancho said that whether it’s a good or bad situation, he will be there for his wife. “I stand by, and even before my wife through good times and especially difficult ones. By the Grace of God and for his Glory, nothing will be in vain,” the actor said. Juancho shared this post with his wedding photo with Joyce.

Netizens who commented on this post that the Kapuso actor shared also showed support for Joyce Pring. There were those who said that they are proud of the TV host for speaking about her faith and defending it.

Meanwhile, Juancho Triviño is part of the acclaimed Kapuso series Maria Clara at Ibarra as Padre Salvi.

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