Toni Gonzaga ‘Good Karma’ Post Elicits Negative Reactions

Toni Gonzaga shared this quote

Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga received negative reactions because of her “good karma” post.

It is known to many showbiz fans that in these past months, Toni is one of the trending topics on social media. Apparently, this is because of her political affiliation. She supported President Bongbong Marcos and the UniTeam and she has been receiving bashing because of that from the opposite camp.

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Her choice to step down as the main host of Pinoy Big Brother amid the election season became an issue as well. Toni’s decision to sign a contract with ALLTV also received negative reactions.

Just recently, the bashing that she received was due to her Shopee endorsement. Despite the criticism, Toni Gonzaga said that she is thankful that she and the company she is endorsing trended online.

The actress’s recent social media post once again elicited negative reactions. Toni shared a good karma quote on her Instagram Story. It talked about finding one’s purpose.

When you choose to act out of kindness, compassion, and love, you are already aligned with your true purpose. No need to look any further,” the quote says.

Toni Gonzaga post
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This post that Toni shared was reposted on a popular showbiz site and many netizens shared their negative reactions.

There were those who said that she should not believe in “karma” because she is a Christian while some said that she is just pretending to be unbothered by the criticisms but deep inside it’s the other way around.

Some netizens also said that Toni Gonzaga thinks highly of herself. A netizen commented that the actress-host is trying to prove something. “I find her weird these days. She’s trying to prove something. I have more respect for people who have less in life but can distinguish right from wrong,” the netizen said.

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