Alex Gonzaga UK Honeymoon Vlog w/ Husband Mikee Morada

Check out the UK honeymoon vlog of Alex Gonzaga with her husband Mikee Morada.

ALEX GONZAGA – Famous vlogger Alex Gonzaga and her husband Mikee Morada goes to the United Kingdom for their real honeymoon.

Politician and businessman Mikee Morada is the husband of famous vlogger and actress Alex Gonzaga. They became public about their relationship in 2017 and in 2019, they got engaged. They tied the knot in 2020 amid the pandemic. A small and intimate wedding was pushed through.

They got married four years after being together as boyfriend-girlfriend.

Their marriage life wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Last year, based on a previous article, the couple shared they lost their child. They have had an undeveloped pregnancy. The actress suffered from a blighted ovum. The embryo did not develop. They were waiting for a miracle but it did not happen.

It was heartbreaking but it left them with no choice but to move forward.

And now, over a year after getting married, the two of them finally got the chance to have their real honeymoon. This is also their first-ever travel with just the two of them together. They went to the United Kingdom and their first stop was Scotland.

Her husband loved their little adventure in that country. Just like all travelers, they went to several spots and destinations. They strolled around different cities and collected memories.

And together, they experienced different cultures. What Alex also observed in her husband is that he loves doing small talk with anyone. Mikee can easily get along with other people.

But of course, her travel vlogs won’t be complete without her crazy and funny antics.

Watch their honeymoon vlog below:


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