Mystica Roast by Netizens Over Prank in a Restaurant in Las Vegas

Netizens Criticized Mystica for Her Prank in a Restaurant in Las Vegas

Former actress Mystica was roasted by netizens for her prank on an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in a restaurant in Las Vegas.

In a recent video, Mystica played a practical joke on an OFW working in a Las Vegas restaurant. Mystica may be seen in her video at Seafood City when she stepped in and requested a Filipino employee working there for the food.

“Ma’am baka pwede namang makahingi ng food, gutom na gutom ako wala pa kasi akong trabaho. Baka pwede kasi wala pa akong trabaho,” said Mystica to the OFW.

Mystica Prank Las Vegas

The OFW claimed that as she is not the restaurant’s owner, she is not permitted to distribute food. Mystica retorted that she would prefer if the OFW simply bought her meals.

The OFW concurred and offered to purchase meals for Mystica. However, after the OFW had already purchased the food, the former starlet claimed to be joking, which infuriated the online community.

The netizens didn’t like it and called Mystica ‘shameful’ because the actress ‘nagkalat’ in the United States. Mystica clarified that she did just a social experiment, but the netizens did not believe it.

When Ruby Rose Mauanay Villanueva saw the remarks sent by internet users, she was unable to conceal her frustration. Mystica vented her rage to the public in a video. She claims that all she is trying to do is show that there are people out there who will help their countrymen even if they don’t really need it.

“Wow I can’t believe.. I only did one social experiment like that because I wanted to do something different na hindi katulad na ginagawa ng ibang mga tao na pare-pareho,” said Mystica.

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