Mystica Reacts to Bashers Criticizing Her Over Prank in Las Vegas

Mystica Becomes Emotional Explaining Her Prank in Las Vegas to Bashers The former actress Mystica becomes emotional while explaining her side to bashers after being criticized over her prank in Las Vegas. Ruby Rose Mauanay Villanueva or popularly known as ‘Mystica’ expresses her reactions to the harsh comments of bashers on her recent vlog where … Read more

Jelai Andres Disguises As Ordinary Woman, Gives Cash To Good Samaritans

Jelai Andres

Jelai Andres’ Social Experiment Goes Viral JELAI ANDRES – Internet sensation Jelai Andres disguised herself as an ordinary woman and reward people on the street who return her money. Filipina actress, model, and online personality Jelai Andres is one of the most successful vloggers in the Philippines. She currently has 6.63 million subscribers on her … Read more

Michael V’s Unique Social Experiment Goes Viral

Michael V

Can You Pass Michael V’s Social Experiment? MICHAEL V – Award-winning comedian and tv host Michael V conducted a social experiment on his Instagram account.  A social experiment is a type of sociological or psychological research to see how people react in a certain situation. Personal, informal, and humorous experimentation like pranks is sometimes referred … Read more

This Maid Was Verbally and Physically Maltreated by Her Employer Inside the Store, How The People Around Them React Will Shock You

A video which features a maid being verbally and physically maltreated by her employer inside a shopping store in the Middle East is currently making rounds online and is taking the internet by storm. In the video, the woman can be seen weeping as her employer scold her in the public by hitting her and … Read more