Claudine Barretto Appeals to Dennis Padilla to Stop Talking to Julia

Claudine Barretto is Implored Dennis Padilla to Stop Talking to Julia

Actress Claudine Barretto appealed to comedian-actor Dennis Padilla to stop talking to her daughter Julia Barretto due to this reason.

Julia Barretto, the daughter of Marjorie Barretto, Claudine’s older sister, and the estranged daughter of comedian Dennis Padilla. In an Instagram post, Claudine, Julia’s aunt, begs the comic to stop talking about his daughter since it is becoming “kawawa.”

In her post, Claudine implored Dennis to stop what he’s doing out of pity to his children. “@dennisastig Kuya Tama na! Tumigil ka na pls! Sumusobra ka na! Maawa ka sa mga Bata.pls stop!” Claudine wrote.

Claudine Barretto Dennis Padilla

She also inquired as to Dennis’s ability to speak. Recall that Julia, Claudine’s niece, recently discussed her relationship with her father with YouTuber and award-winning journalist Karen Davila.

Julia made various comments about her father during that interview, saying the comic “needed more love” from her. Later, Dennis claimed that many of Julia’s claims about him were untrue in a number of postings on his Instagram account.

Since then, Dennis has removed the posts from his Instagram account. Dennis Padilla erased the Instagram postings he created where he responded to Karen Davila’s interview of Julia Barretto. In the aforementioned posts, he complained to his daughter and brought up the “Sobra na kayo” remark.

He also pleaded with Karen Davila to conduct an interview in another deleted post so that his viewpoint might be heard. One of Dennis’ objections is that Julia’s aforementioned statement implies that he is useless in the view of others.

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