Ogie Diaz Lashes Production Number of Toni Gonzaga in AllTV

Ogie Diaz Criticized Toni Gonzaga Over Her Production Number in AllTV

Showbiz columnist and talent manager Ogie Diaz criticized the production number of TV host Toni Gonzaga in AllTV network.

Ogie commented on Toni’s performance in his post on Facebook. When he watched the aforementioned performance, which has received millions of views online, he claimed to have simply smirked.

Ogie Diaz Toni Gonzaga

The talent manager argues that Toni’s performance’s audio quality appears to be off for some reason. He also thinks that when the TV host sees his performance on AllTV, he won’t appreciate it.

“Nangiti lang ako nu’ng una, eh. Hanggang sa mapabungisngis na ako kalaunan habang pinanonood ang prod ng aking kumareng Toni. Ganitong-ganito ‘yung mga napapanood ko sa GMA Supershow ni Kuya Germs nu’ng araw,” Ogie said.

“Pero sana, mag-invest nang bongga sa sound system o sa recording. Baka kahit si Toni kung panonoorin uli ito, hindi niya ipagmamalaki yung performance niya, eh. Lalo na yung audio niya,” he added.

Ogie acknowledged that errors will inevitably occur, especially given the network’s recent inception. He emphasized that the audio and sound system, which are very important to singers, really worried him slightly.

It should be recalled that in addition to Ogie, some other online users questioned the host’s performance in question. Even some online users referred to Toni’s performance as a “barangay fiesta” and “Christmas party.”

Toni formally signed a contract with Advanced Media Broadcasting System (AMBS), the media outlet run by businessman Manny Villar, at the beginning of this month. AMBS presently holds the frequencies that had belonged to ABS-CBN. On September 13, entertainment and notable prizes were given out as part of the premiere.

The debut was overseen by Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga, who had just signed a deal with AMB’s days earlier, and Willie Revillame, who is a member of the committee that selects which programs to air on the network. Mariel Padilla and Ciara Sotto joined them and also inked contracts with the new network.

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