Ako Na Lang Lyrics By Jason Marvin Hernandez

AKO NA LANG LYRICS – Here is the lyrics of the new song released by musician Jason Marvin Hernandez, the estranged husband of Moira dela Torre.

The separation of Jason and Moira was a shock to a lot of people. It came three (3) years after they officially tied the knot. The lyrics songs of the former couple have left marks in the hearts of a lot of people who were inspired by their love story.

Jason Hernandez Releases “Ako Na Lang”, 1st Song after Split w/ Moira Dela Torre

Jason Hernandez Moves Netizens w/ New Song “Ako Na Lang”

JASON HERNANDEZ – The musician released a new song entitled, “Ako Na Lang”, his first song after his split with estranged wife Moira dela Torre.

The split of Kapamilya singer Moira dela Torre and Jason Marvin Hernandez broke countless hearts after many people were inspired by their love story. Undeniably, many of their fans and supporters are hoping for a second chance for the love of the former couple.

Jason and Moira were best of friends for several years before they officially became a couple. Their love story was featured in the ABS-CBN drama anthology Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) which showed the then-couple meeting and growing in their faith together. They are not only best friends and lovers but they also share the same passion – music. It is no secret to the public that some of hit songs of the Kapamilya singer were written by her and her estranged husband.

However, after three years, the marriage of the couple tagged as “MoiSon” by their fans and supporters have to come to its end. Jason admitted that he was unfaithful to Moira during some years that they were together.

Moira dela Torre, Jason Hernandez

Admittedly hurt and in pain by everything that happened, Moira dela Torre maintains a soft heart assuring people that in time, she will be okay again and the same thing with Jason Hernandez. She is prouder of her faith and what God can do in her life even more amid the struggling moments.

Recently, fans and supporters of Moira and Jason and as well as other people who knew parts of their relationship were moved by the new song released by the latter. Many speculate that the whole song speaks about his relationship with Moira and its ending. Many people felt the regret and pain on his part.

Jason Hernandez released the song entitled, “Ako Na Lang”. It is the first song he released after his breakup with Moira dela Torre. Many netizens noticed that they chose a girl in the video that resembles the Kapamilya singer and their memories together were featured. Here’s the Ako Na Lang music video posted on YouTube:

Ako Na Lang Lyrics by Jason Marvin Hernandez

Nangako ako na hindi ako susuko
Ng basta basta,
Ipaglalaban kita hanggang
sa ating pagtanda

Kahit anong bagyo, ay kakayanin ko
Dahil mahal kita,
Pero di ko inakala,
Hindi ko nakita

Paano kung ayaw mo na
Paano kung nasaktan ka
Paano kung di mo kaya, ang aking nagawa

Hanggang saan ko ba, ilalaban to?
Hanggang kailan maniniwala na dapat tayo?
Mas lalo ka lang lumalayo,
Kapag ika’y sinusuyo
Kaya pa bang maayos to
Kung ako nalang ang may gusto

Nangako tayo, na pang habang buhay
Ang pagsasamang ‘to
Inaamin ko sayo, na kasalanan ko ito,

Tanggap ko nang ayaw mo na
Patawad at nasaktan ka
Tanggap ko nang di mo kaya, na manatili pa

Hanggang saan ko ba, ilalaban to?
Hanggang kailan maniniwala na dapat tayo?
Mas lalo ka lang lumalayo,
Kapag ika’y sinusuyo
Kaya pa bang maayos to
Kung ako nalang ang may gusto

Hindi ko pipilit ang, sarili ko sayo
Dito pala matatapos ang, Ikaw at Ako
Maraming salamat sa lahat, ng mga alaala mo
Sana ang aking kasunod
Ay maibigay lahat ng pagkukulang ko

Paalam, patawad sa iyo

Here are some of the comments on the new song released by Jason Marvin:

Ahtisa: “Huwag na huwag mong ipaubaya si Moira sa iba, she is like no other and I can’t really imagine you two having other partners. Looking forward pa din ako sa little Moison/s.”

Rachel Brave: “Hi, Kuys! I hope you will never stop pursuing her. Take the time you need. I believe there’s room for mistakes and also there’s room for forgiveness…”

Avigale Fitagra: “Okay, I cried. I can feel his pain and regret but I can’t deny the fact that being cheated on hurts a lot. I’m sending my prayers for the both of you. May God’s will be done. I’m still hoping that the both of you will make it.”

Gwenny: “This is crushing to the bone. Please fight for her. There are so many people in the world who rather give up than to fight for the person they love.”

Maricris Joy Oliveros: “When you get that ring again, my hope is restored! I know there’s still a chance. Don’t give up Jason. I’m still counting to both of you!”

Aira Christine Peralta: “No matter how deeply you love someone, once they find a reason to hurt you. It’s over. Nasa’yo na, sinaktan mo pa. Pinasuko mo pa.”

WFH Misis: “Praying for God’s restoration in your lives, may it be individually or together as a couple.”

Jaja Scarlet: “stop pursuing her. stop pressuring her. listen to what she needs. listen to what she wants to do. let her breathe man…”

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