Lady Astrologer Predicts How Long World War III Will Last & How It Will Start

Lady Astrologer Mhoni Vidente Makes Predictions on World War III

WORLD WAR 3 PREDICTIONS – A lady astrologer from Mexico has predicted on how long World War III will last and how it will start.

The 44-year-old astronomer identified as Mhoni Vidente has shared her prediction regarding the next global conflict. She reckons the current war between Russia and Ukraine would spiral out of control and suck in more nations.

Currently, the Russia-Ukraine conflict is only limited to the affected participants although Nato countries were supporting the armed forces of Ukrainian through materials and weapons. Nato countries including the US, UK, and France expressed their desire to prevent nuclear war with Russia.

Lady Astrologer

Vidente who lives in Mexico stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin will connive with other countries, which may increase the tension and escalate the conflict in various nations.

“There is someone behind all this power. South Korea, which is very involved with the United States and is being a world leader in all ways, wants to stay with Vietnam, North Korea, and Japan.” Vidente said.

The astrologer revealed that China will be one of the major countries responsible for the possible global conflict. She also revealed that the next World War will last for whole nine years.

Lady Astrologer

“China, the red dragon is going to do everything possible to defeat the United States, to provoke the third world war. A bomb is coming, a missile is coming. Every human being is going to lose,” the astrologer said.

Meanwhile, China is holding military drills around Taiwan, which is considered a provocative move.

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