Fidel V. Ramos Cause of Death: Former President Died of COVID-19?

Details about Former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos Cause of Death, Wake and Burial

FIDEL V. RAMOS CAUSE OF DEATH – The family of the late former President Fidel V. Ramos revealed he died of COVID-19.

Former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos died last July 31 at the age of 94 years old. Amid his old age, his death came as a shock to a lot of people causing grief and sadness because he is known to be physically active. He is usually present at national events.

Many Filipinos were curious about former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos’ cause of death. Recently, based on a report on ABS-CBN News, his family thanked the people who sent them prayers and condolences and expressed their hope that the Filipinos will be careful amidst the threats of the virus. The family has opened the former President’s wake for public viewing with the observance of proper health protocols.

Former President Fidel Ramos’ Family Releases Statement on his Death

Family of Former President Fidel Ramos Thanks Public

FORMER PRESIDENT FIDEL RAMOS – The family of the former Chief Executive released a statement on his death at 94.

Recently, countless hearts were left broken by reports about the passing of former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos. He was 94 years old when he died.

Ramos served as the Philippines’ president from 1992 to 1998. He succeeded the late former Pres. Corazon “Cory” Aquino and was the second president after the historic People Power Revolution. His administration focused on making the Philippines an industrialized country from the year 2000.

The “Philippines 2000” program which focused on industrializing the country revitalized the economy of the nation. It was also during his term as the President when the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and the Philippine government came to a peace agreement after four (4) years of peace talks.

Former President Fidel Ramos
Photo Credit: Viral Trunk

Even after his term as president ended, Ramos continued to serve the country through several positions he held. Recently, the family of former President Fidel Ramos confirmed that he passed away at the age of 94.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, in a statement, FVR’s family thanked the public for the respect to their privacy amid the loss of their patriarch. The family stressed that they are taking some time to grieve over the former President’s passing but assured that they will announce the wake and the funeral arrangements “in the near future”.

Ramos is one of the former Presidents who supported the presidential candidacy of Pres. Bongbong Marcos. The former President was the Philippine Chief Constabulary during the presidential term of the late former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Sr., his second cousin. He has also served the Armed Forces of the Philippines as chief of staff and the National Defense Secretary under the Aquino presidency.

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