The character of John Estrada in FPJAP faced a brutal death

Actor John Estrada plays Armando Silang in the longest-running TV series Ang Probinsyano and his character’s brutal death garnered mixed reactions from the online community.

After seven years of airing, the teleserye which features Coco Martin as the lead actor is now about to reach its finale. The antagonist, played by John has already met his drastic end after all the hardships he bought to the lives of many characters in the series.

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Photos of John’s character’s death in the series circulated on social media. Following that episode, his name became a trending topic on Twitter. He died after his arms were stretched so hard until they were detached from his body.

Some netizens think that this is too gruesome for a series being aired on primetime as children are also watching. On the other hand, there were those who said that it is somehow a reflection of what has happened, what is happening, or could happen in real life.

Many netizens also defended the said scene featuring the brutal death of the character of John Estrada against those who criticized it. These netizens reasoned out that some Pinoys even share gory content from foreign series or films but they are attacking this one.

Here are some of the Twitter posts about the brutal death of Armando Silang in Ang Probinsyano.

John Estrada became part of Ang Probinsyano in 2021. In an interview, he said that being included in the cast is a dream come true for him. It is because he knew that this series will do down in history “as the longest, biggest, top-rated, and most watched TV series ever.” Indeed, FPJAP has become a legend when it comes to TV series in the Philippines.

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