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Earthquake Today July 27, 2022: Abra Hit by Another Strong Quake w/ 5.4 Magnitude

Earthquake Today July 27, 2022: Abra Hit by Another Strong Quake w/ 5.4 Magnitude

Phivolcs Releases Update on Earthquake Today July 27, 2022 that Hit Abra

EARTHQUAKE TODAY JULY 27, 2022 – PHIVOLCS released a bulletin confirming a 5.4 magnitude quake in Abra after the 7.3 quake earlier.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) earlier recorded a 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Abra. It caused infrastructure damage at the epicenter and several nearby areas. The shaking was felt in several parts of Metro Manila as well.

Following the earthquake today, July 27, 2022 that hit Abra, a 5.4 magnitude quake recently jolted the province, specifically Bucay, at 03:38 p.m.. The quake was located at 17.53°North, 120.68°East – 004 km South 78° West of Bucay. It was tectonic in origin. The following instrumental intensities were recorded of the said quake according to Phivolcs:

  • Intensity IV – Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
  • Intensity II – Sinait, Ilocos Sur;Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
  • Intensity I – Baguio City, Benguet;Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte;Gonzaga and Penablanca, Cagayan

JUST IN: 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Abra

Abra Hit by Earthquake with 7.3 Magnitude

EARTHQUAKE – The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) recorded a 7.3 magnitude quake in Abra, July 27, 2022.

Most of the time, quakes hit with no prior signs. Recently, several places in and out of the Philippines were shaken by quakes of different magnitudes.

One of the strong quakes recorded by Phivolcs is the 7.1 magnitude quake in Davao Oriental. There were expected aftershocks due to the said quake and a tsunami advisory was released.

Previously, in April 22, Phivolcs recorded a quake in a part of Zambales. It had a magnitude of 6.1. Strong shaking was felt leaving people fearing about the so-called “Big One“. But the agency advises the people to wait for factual information and not to panic.

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Recently, a quake hit a part of Abra, July 27, 2022. At 08:43 a.m., Abra was hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3.


According to Phivolcs, the quake that hit a part of Abra was located at 17.63°North, 120.74°East – 002 km North 20° East of Lagangilang with a depth of origin of 025 kilometers.

Phivolcs stated in its bulletin that damages are expected from the said quake as well as aftershocks. According to the agency, Intensity IV was felt in Quezon City. As of this writing, no Instrumental Intensity was recorded.

Keep safe everyone. Rest assured we will keep you posted for official updates from Phivolcs and other weather agencies.

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