Isko Moreno Confirms Son Joaquin Is Now A Father

This is what Isko Moreno said as he finally confirmed that he is now a “lolo”.

ISKO MORENO – Citizen Isko Moreno is now Lolo Isko as the former mayor finally confirmed his son’s lovechild.

Joaquin Domagoso is a young rising actor whose father is Isko Moreno, a former actor and a former mayor. After Isko’s defeat in the May 2022 elections for the president position, he is now back to being a normal citizen.

Meanwhile, his son has been facing rumors about his lovechild with Raffa Castro. Rumors about them having a baby have been circulating online and in a previous article, it seems like Castro left a hint. Accordingly, their son Scott Angelo Domagoso was born at FEU Medical Center in Quezon City. 

Castro then shared that her favorite date was April but did not give the specific digits. And as per the grapevine, she gave birth on April 28.

And now, finally ending the rumors is the former mayor who proudly said that from citizen Isko, he is now Lolo Isko at 47 years old. In an interview for Modern Parenting, he exclaimed, “Isa sa mga blessings ay lolo na ako. Ang pogi ng apo ko.”

He is accordingly enjoying his time as a “lolo” or grandfather now and that he is happy and grateful to God for the blessing. His grandchild Scott, the same he was called when he was young, made him a grandfather, an opportunity he said to be happier in his life in the next decade or two.

Isko is also grateful because he has all the time to spend with his “apo” now that he’s done with his work as a politician.

He added, “It’s a God-given life. It’s a blessing. Growing up is a challenge and making a better life for everyone, your family, or even your apo is hard. But from another perspective, it’s a blessing.”

Meanwhile, being a normal citizen now won’t stop him from doing things and learning new ones. He is not the one who can just sit back and relax. He is someone who likes to keep himself busy and learn new things at the same time.


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