Joaquin Domagoso Speaks About Child, Being A “Batang Ama”

Joaquin Domagoso and Raffa Castro

This is what Joaquin Domagoso said about being a young dad. JOAQUIN DOMAGOSO – Young actor Joaquin Domagoso breaks his silence about his baby and about being a young father. Former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno’s son newbie actor Joaquin Domagoso became a father at a young age and his child’s mother is Raffa Castro, daughter of newscaster Diego … Read more

Joaquin Domagoso “Punished” By Girlfriend Raffa Castro

Joaquin Domagoso and Raffa Castro

Role playing of Raffa Castro and Joaquin Domagoso catches attention online. JOAQUIN DOMAGOSO – New actor Joaquin Domagoso is a willing victim to his “punisher” slash girlfriend Raffa Castro. Former actor and former Manila mayor Isko Moreno’s son newbie actor Joaquin Domagoso became a father in his early 20s. The mother of his child is Raffa Castro, … Read more

When Will Joaquin Domagoso Marry Raffa Castro?

Joaquin Domagoso and Raffa Castro

Is a wedding happening soon? Here’s what Diego Castro said about Joaquin Domagoso and Raffa Castro regarding this matter. JOAQUIN DOMAGOSO – Diego Castro is not forcing Joaquin Domagoso to marry his youngest Raffa Castro. Raffa Castro is the mother of the love child of Joaquin Domagoso. As much as many people are aware, the … Read more

Joaquin Domagoso Partner Raffa Castro Shares Pregnancy Photos

Joaquin Domagos and Raffa Castro Baby

Raffa Castro, partner of Joaquin Domagoso, shares photos showing she got pregnant. JOAQUIN DOMAGOSO – The mother of Joaquin Domagoso’s love child Raffa Castro shares this photo of her with a big bump. The rumors about newbie actor Joaquin Domagoso having a love child circulated for months online. The rumored mother of his love child … Read more

Joaquin Domagoso Baby

Joaquin Domagoso Baby

JOAQUIN DOMAGOSO BABY – Former Mayor Isko Moreno’s son Joaquin Domagoso has a baby boy with Raffa Castro. Young stars Joaquin Domagoso and his girlfriend Raffa Castro are now parents to a baby boy named Scott born last April according to speculations.

Joaquin Domagoso Baby w/ Raffa, Diego Castro Reacts

Joaquin Domagoso Baby

This is the reaction of Diego Castro now that Joaquin Domagoso baby with Raffa gets confirmed. JOAQUIN DOMAGOSO BABY – News anchor Diego Castro has this reaction when asked about Joaquin Domagoso and Raffa’s child. A couple of days, a published interview with former mayor Isko Moreno emerged, and in the same interview, he confirmed … Read more

Isko Moreno Confirms Son Joaquin Is Now A Father

Isko Moreno

This is what Isko Moreno said as he finally confirmed that he is now a “lolo”. ISKO MORENO – Citizen Isko Moreno is now Lolo Isko as the former mayor finally confirmed his son’s lovechild. Joaquin Domagoso is a young rising actor whose father is Isko Moreno, a former actor and a former mayor. After … Read more

Joaquin Domagoso Baby Rumors, Did Raffa Just Reveal Date Of Birth?

Joaquin Domagoso

Did Raffa Castro just confirm giving birth last April to a son with Joaquin Domagoso? Here’s the post. JOAQUIN DOMAGOSO – Young actor Joaquin Domagoso faces baby rumors and his partner Raffa Castro has this intriguing post. Former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno son Joaquin Domagoso also followed in his footsteps in the show business industry. But in … Read more