Cong TV, Viy Cortez Welcome Baby Son “Kidlat”

Viy Cortez, Partner of Cong TV, Gives Birth to their Baby Boy “Kidlat”

CONG TV – The famous vlogger and his fellow YouTuber partner, Viy Cortez, welcomed their baby son “Kidlat”.

Some people rose to popularity through their YouTube channels. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who have their own channels on the video-sharing platform where they upload vlogs about their daily lives, travels, businesses, and a lot more. Among these people are YouTuber stars Cong TV and Viy Cortez.

Cong or Lincoln Velasquez is vocal that he really did not initially see where his YouTube vlogs will take him as he only did it for fun. He recorded funny videos showing real-life scenarios in their household and some of those videos featured his friends and his girlfriend, Viy Cortez.

The videos of Cong caught the attention of a lot of people and several netizens followed him on YouTube. Now, he has surpassed the 10 million subscribers mark. Aside from his humor, what many people like about him is his genuine heart to also help the people around him become successful.

Cong TV, Viy Cortez
Photo Credit: GMA Network

Cong TV helped Viy Cortez, his siblings, and their friends launch their own YouTube channels and grow their subscribers on the platform. They even built a group called “Team Payaman” which is centered on helping each other grow in life. They live in one house, the Payamansion, where they usually take their vlogs.

Recently, Cong TV and Viy Cortez have reached another milestone in their lives – the start of their journey as parents. The vlogger-business woman gave birth to their first baby, a son they nicknamed “Kidlat”.[0]=AZVf_i0C66H1xlzPiBupUibBm32-r4XF1-E9zmdGEqe6z2Jjtn6yo1JAD5PKMuOpp-lUbwng552s8Tv9j1eWQ-amIcIa03kQaEJnyi0v_y4MR2frQaZd3SiWcQ6uuXaodOsCDV5adwf8yrlr-JwQyXPJFCHW_W-yKvIWqPkffNvayhYI1veIA2-d777LNw3pU9Q&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

In her previous vlog, Viy revealed that “Kidlat” will have two (2) names as his real name. One of them is Zeus as she put a name on his things “Zeus Velasquez”. The first-time parents have prepared all the needs of the baby and are visibly very happy to finally get to hold their little bundle of joy.[0]=AZXEzmoVUXtRRiMltDjS1z994obKGPF8AeNIq5AKvsA2pB-PoKA1IWimYZdusCdlaR4X7yrCQK4Fxj-nju3wOA4FFFsbZrP2mgSkQLzjKVCVDpLbFgjocmtAszZE2Gc_JR6Vvi54eq7SP4xsgSlyQ-PMkVw8pjaO8mQIOrUcGzld8g&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

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