Man Dies After Accidentally Hit by Ambulance While Mandating Traffic in Misamis Oriental

Man Helping to Mandate Traffic in Misamis Oriental Dies After Hit by Ambulance

A man passed away after he was accidentally hit by an ambulance while helping to mandate traffic in Opol, Misamis Oriental.

Ambulance is one of the most prioritized vehicles on the road as it transport patients from various locations heading to the nearest hospital or medical center for immediate medical attention.

It has flashing warning lights and sirens to indicate that a patient needs to be brought to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. This vehicle saves numerous lives, so it deserves to be given priority on the street.


Other vehicles along the road are also advised to give way to the ambulance.

Recently, a man named Falconiri Mirasol had a drinking session with his friend identified as Jepoy Alcantar. The two crossed the road while heading to their next destination but Alcantar was accidentally hit by a motorcycle.

The incident sent Alcantar pummeling on the ground with a few injuries. Mirasol tried to help his friend and mandate the traffic in the area to inform other drivers that his friend suffered injuries.

Unfortunately, an ambulance accidentally hits Mirasol. The emergency vehicle is carrying a COVID-19 patient heading to a hospital in Cagayan de Oro City.

The ambulance dragged Mirasol and run over Alcantar. However, Alcantar eventually died while heading to the hospital due to serious injuries. The ambulance driver is currently under the custody of police authorities. The driver refused to give a statement regarding the incident.

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