Desperate Guy Takes Girlfriend’s Life After She Refused to Marry Him

A desperate guy takes his girlfriend’s life after she allegedly withdrew from their supposed wedding due to an unknown reason.

Nowadays, the rate of criminality in the Philippines continues to increase despite the stricter rules and regulations. Most crimes were happening due to financial issues while some happen because of personal reasons.

Many couples were experiencing problems and struggling with their relationship. However, such problems can be settled through good conversation and avoid further troubles in the future.

Desperate Guy

A woman named Joan Balabagan Lintang has been found dead inside the restroom of a certain inn in Davao City. The victim has been reportedly killed by her boyfriend after she refused to marry him.

Eventually, the suspect identified as Maliry Bitil Gumanan voluntarily surrendered to the police authorities after he was persecuted by his conscience. The culprit performed the crime inside of an inn at Barangay 35-D last June 26, 2022.

According to the investigation by Davao Police Office, the couple had an exchange of heated arguments because of their wedding plan. Joan reportedly withdrew from their wedding plan, which trigger Maliry’s fury.

Out of anger, the guy allegedly choked his girlfriend to death. The culprit hides the victim’s body inside the comfort before running away to escape the crime he committed.

However, Gumanan surrender to the police officers at Magsaysay Municipal Police Station (MMPS). The latter will face homicide charges but refused to give a statement regarding the student.

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Desperate Guy

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